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Your Brand's Development Partner

A Leading Partner for  Private Label Skin & Hair Care, Custom Formulation and Contract Manufacturing

Private label manufacturing allows businesses to create custom products with their own branding. Our team of experienced professionals will help you design, develop, and produce the perfect product for your needs. Our high-quality standards ensure that your product will be of the highest quality.



Our Product Reformulation Services are designed to help businesses adapt, improve, and innovate their existing product lines to meet evolving market demands, regulatory requirements, and consumer preferences. Whether you're looking to enhance product performance, reduce costs, incorporate sustainable materials, or comply with new industry standards, our team of experts is equipped to guide you through the process.

Bottle of Liquid Soap

Custom Product Formulation

Refers to the tailored process through which JAK's collaborates with clients to create unique, proprietary product formulas designed to meet the specific needs and branding requirements of the client's own label. This service encompasses a comprehensive approach, from initial concept development through to final production, focusing on creating products that align with the client's vision, market positioning, and customer base.

Cosmetic Products

Pre-Formulated Wholesale Products

Introducing our exclusive range of wholesale hair and skincare products, meticulously designed for beauty retailers, salons, spas, and professionals looking to offer their customers the pinnacle of luxury and efficacy. Crafted with the finest ingredients, our products combine innovative formulations with nature’s best to deliver visible results and unparalleled sensory experiences.

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